Challenging the polished aesthetics of traditional wearable adornments,  native New Yorker Victoria Mingot, sculpts raw forms that speak through the beauty of imperfection in hopes of blurring the lines between fragility, fluidity, lucidity and solidity.


Having studied the technical and traditional methods of goldsmithing in New York and more experimental and artistic processses in Copenhagen's Institute for Ædelmetal, Victoria uses her educational background , influences of her Caribbean ancestry, as well as personal insights and travels  in her creative practice. Having worked with sculpture for 12 years, Victoria keeps the process of jewelry making purely intuitive, creating a language that is intimate  for the wearer.


Elusivity is a recurring theme in the work and aesthetics of movement, erosion, and body abstractions birth new forms made from the precious elements of silver, gold, raw rubies, garnets and sapphires. There is a pursuit for the balance of both chaos and silence, the contemporary and the ancient. These ornaments often simulate archaeological artifacts recovered from the earth expressing a feeling of nostalgia, impermanence and a longing to harmonize with nature's landscapes. 

Selected pieces are available for purchase in : 

*Henrik Vibskov Boutique             

Gammel  Mønt  14                                                          

1117 København K                                                                  

more info here   


For all inquiries and request, please write to us :    hello@victoriamingot.com

**Exhibition pieces  on view in collaboration with Ursula NIstrup at Kunsthal Aarhus

    February- April 2019    more info here

**Exhibition piece on temporary  view December-January 2019 at Rundetaarn more info here 

**Exhibition pieces on permanent view at Statens Museum for Kunst Den Kongelig Afstoebningssamling                           more info here

**Exhibition pieces temporarily on view April 2017 at Danmark Nationalbank more info here 















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